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Pontresina (mt. 1805)

The capital of mountaineering "knows better accommodate tourists, thanks to elegant hotels in Belle Epoque style and imposing peaks of Palü Piz Bernina and Piz no wonder that no one looks up and eyes (and not just see them, are the tops highest of the Alps Eastern).
The village is situated in a sunny and sheltered from the wind, offering an unforgettable holiday and a rare elegance.
Pontresina in 1850 thanks to Miss Klara Chris saw the opening of the first inn "Zum Weissen Kreuz," which with its three beds gave way to a concept of hospitality that lives today in all its grandeur: Pontresina is synonymous sports and relaxation, music and cultural, artistic paths that are a real dive in history, without forgetting that it is a paradise for lovers of skiing, climbing and hiking.